At The Foot of The Altar

Never have I been at a wedding with a couple who expressed their understanding of the meaning of marriage so well, until Sarah and Conner. Their whole morning leading up to their vows was filled with simple intentionality: hand written letters, worn heirlooms, and faith filled bridal gifts, just to name a few.  Yet, the moment that struck me the most, was when they faced the altar and laid down at its foot together.


These two were filled with such elegance and grace the whole day. Love encircled their every movement. Like all couples, they said their vows with such joy and deep yearning, gently putting their wedding rings on each others hands. In the ceremony they chose to have a litany of saints sung. It was at this moment my heart began to ping with the beautiful reality of what was happening. As the echoes of saints names rung out, there these two were laying before Our Lord at the foot of the altar. Face down, as the priests and religious do when they give their lives to God. As Sarah and Conner lay next to each other, it was so evident that they desired, above all, to give their lives together to God Almighty. Furthermore, it was clear they knew they needed grace to live marriage well, to love with all their hearts.


Yes, tears filled my eyes, as I am sure many who attended could say the same. God honors such humility, such seeking. He had begun to grace them even before this moment and I know without a shadow of a doubt that He will continue to honor their plea for graces. Together, with the Lord, Sarah and Conner entered into a grace filled communion that is a true witness to us today and will continue to be a light in the darkness for many.




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Katelyn Capato

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