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“At the sight of beauty the soul grows wings,” writes Plato. Visual Grace artist, Kate Capato, is an artist with a deep vision who seeks to share authentic beauty that captivates the soul. As a Sacred painter, Natural Light Photographer, and Contemporary Dance Choreographer, she artistically brings to life Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.
Kate often finds herself across distant nations serving and learning much from the stories of diverse men and women. In her travels to India, Europe, Lebanon and throughout the states, she has tasted the powerful effects of beauty and, on the contrary, the cold conditions in its absence. As Deitrich Von Hildebrand shares in his book on Aesthetics, “Contact with an environment permeated by beauty not only offers real protection against impurity, baseness, […] and untruthfulness; it has also the positive effect of raising us up in a moral sense. It does not draw us into a self-centered pleasure where our only wish is to indulge ourselves. On the contrary, it opens hearts, inviting us to transcendence and leading us in conspectu Dei, before the face of God.”
Equally transformed by the writings of St. John Paul II, The Theology of The Body, Kate is awestruck by how intricately woven we are as children of the Creator and how all of creation is singing a love song revealing our identity and purpose. Inspired, Kate boldly partakes in the restoration of our culture and the restoration of who we are as Man and Woman through the sharing of all things true, good, and beautiful.

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I Would Recommend Her to Anyone

"Kate Capato took some headshots for me when I needed a few professional yet fun photos. She was so easy to work with and genuinely excited about what she does. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I know that the shots turned out better because of the energy she brought to the session. I have received so much positive feedback on the headshots and love to share that Kate Capato was my photographer. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great session."


Captures the Grace of the Moment

"Kate Capato is a true artist. With joy and enthusiasm, she worked alongside us to capture our love in the spaces and places dearest to our hearts. Kate shows passion for her work, and she is engaging as she invites you to take part in capturing the grace of the moment. Seeing beauty in each person and in creation, she has a skill for bringing out the best of the environment she is working in. With our limited budget, we were looking for the best quality with a lower price tag. We found Kate Capato ( Visual Grace ) to be affordable and worth every penny."


The Arise Drawing and Lily Painting Envelope Me

The Arise drawing draws me in with Christ's tenderness towards my heart and breathes life into me again and the Lily painting envelopes me every morning as I say my prayers - Mary is with me! Both of your artworks, that I now have hanging on my walls, just make me happy to look at because I know I am loved by Christ.

Nora logiudice

Moved to Tears

I just watched your dance choreography 'Cause of our Joy', it moved me to tears! Sooo beautiful!

Anna - HOME - Missionary in Austria

Faith-filled Apostle of Beauty

Kate Capato is a faith-filled apostle of beauty who shares the wonder of God's plan for life and love through her dance, her painting, her photography and through her very life. It's a privilege to know this young woman who is truly a part of the much needed New Renaissance of sacred art in the Church today.

Bill Donaghy - Theology of the Body Institute

Edifying Talk

You gave an edifying talk on beauty, sacred art, Theology of The Body at Corazon Puro. This left many of our men inspired to aspire to purity. They were talking afterwards expressing their gratitude for your presentation. May the Lord continue to glorify himself through you


Truly Enlightening

Thank you for your talk. Truly enlightening to me (just blew my mind). God Bless You. Watching you streamed live from Basilica of the Virgen of San Juan in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.


Incredibly Talented Artist and Photographer

Kate is an incredibly talented artist and photographer, who I have had the honor of working with on numerous occasions. Kate's vision and dedication to her craft is inspiring and I've loved getting to work with her on so many occasions. I cannot speak highly enough of Kate as a person, but also as a photographer. Kate is a hard-worker, she's professional, she is able to capture individuals, groups and events in a special way -- and I would venture to say that Kate is truly one of the best photographers around. I look forward to working with Kate again in the future, and I cannot recommend her work enough.

Kate Bryan - Senior Account Executive

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